Amber Skye, CPT, CSCS

Before I even released this blog, I originally wanted to make it all about mountain biking and getting more women into the sport of recreational racing. But then I realized I am more than just mountain biking and so wanted to talk about more than that. So with months of thought, I decided to turn this into a lifestyle blog because I have a myriad of topics I want to talk about, like being a DPT student, a young adult author, a foodie, and anything else I can twist into a lifestyle topic.

I call myself Amber Skye, Skye being my middle name, because I can’t decide if I want to change my last name or not. I am a personal trainer, taught Pilates, am a young adult author, avid mountain biker, and future University of St. Augustine DPT student (so expect me to start blogging about flex-student life come fall). I actually have an author blog, but I haven’t touched it in quite some time. I plan to restart it here, but obviously this won’t be the sole focus of the blog.

I started this blog mainly as a creative outlet, because once I start DPT school, writing fiction will be off the table. I also hope to provide plenty of useful articles for people wanting to get into fitness or people aspiring to graduate school themselves. And because I am a foodie, I hope to one day come up with my own recipe after trying out others first.

I hope you enjoy!