Amber Skye, CPT, CSCS

This blog was originally supposed to be a lifestyle blog where I blogged about a variety of lifestyle things. However, it’s hard to do lifestyle when you have to really cut back on your free time in physical therapy school. So this is going to be a blog purely about my time in physical therapy school, how I handle grad school, and hopefully this will evolve into a blog celebrating the field of physical therapy.

When I am not being a PT student, I’m an author with CHBB publishing and moonlight as a personal trainer. I’m also a cycling enthusiastic, mostly mountain biking when I can; love to paint with acrylics; am obsessed with collecting tea, making tea, and drinking tea; and being a part-time chatterbox. I am also a mental health advocate, and blog about mental health on my author blog (above) and plan to do so on here as it relates to grad school.