About Me

I’m a racing maniac named Amber who wants to see how far she can take this mountain biking thing. It’s also my aspiration to help grow the women’s mountain biking community and encourage them to take part in racing not only as a means of self-fulfillment but also as a way of giving back to the trails.

Besides being an avid biker, I’m a personal trainer, aspiring physical therapy student, the author of When Stars Die and The Stars Are Infinite, both young adult novels, and I love cats and wish we could take them on the trails as much as we do dogs.

I started biking a year ago back when I was going through a really bad bipolar I rapid cycling episode. Needless to say my manic moments wound me up in some mishaps that thankfully were not as bad as they could have been, but if it hadn’t been for my mania, I wouldn’t have impulsively spent 450 dollars on my first bike and then upgraded from there (and I didn’t have to declare any bankruptcy in the process). Of course, mountain biking was the only good thing about my episode. But now I’m hooked on this sport and cannot wait to see where it takes me.